Tiger Shark Identification.

Tiger shark diving on the Little Bahama Bank started in the mid ’90s and since then has turned into the premiere location for Tiger shark diving as named Tiger Beach. Tiger Beach location has grown in popularity in the last 20 years and many people have named the regular Tiger sharks that they have encounter. Until now there has not been an organized and published photo identification catalog of the individual Tiger sharks of Tiger Beach. Without out this catalog there has been different names for the individuals and even mistakes in identification from the same operations. Now with an official photo record compiled by the most experienced and consistent dive operator at Tiger Beach, the names and the information can be properly recorded. This catalog will give the ability to; track the number for sharks to visit the area, determine dates of visits, date of pregnancies, possible social bonding of individuals and other interesting information about these sharks.

Photographs are often used for individual indentification in populations of wild animals, particularly with marine animals. Photographs are taken of each side and mouth area of the Tiger Sharks to compare color patterns and scars that enable us to build a catalog of the different indviduals. Where the line between the darker top meets the white undersade of the shark in front of the peck fin and also above the mouth create distinct markings that stay consitent with each shark. Some Tiger Sharks, under their nose have a mustash type markings that can be used for id. Fins injures can help to id some individuals but the fins can be injured more and change.

Carrie tiger shark side
Jen tiger shark
Tiger Shark Maui
Tiger Shark Dirty Girl
Jen tiger shark nose
Tiger Shark Kim
Carrie-tiger shark dorsal
kim dorsal fin

Changes in dorsal fin over one year


Daisy's dorsal fin in October 2021


Daisy's dorsal fin October 2022