Tiger Beach Bahamas was the first and is the best place to dive with Tiger Sharks.

Tiger Beach Bahamas

Tiger Shark diving started in the early '90s on the western edge of the Little Bahama Bank. This area of the Bahamas was well known for great scuba diving and wild dolphin snorkeling. It was named Tiger Beach around 2003 when it became the first area for consistent Tiger Shark Diving. Since then other locations have started Tiger Shark diving but Tiger Beach remains, with it's shallow clear water and usually calm sharks the best Tiger Shark diving spot.

Tiger Beach was named from it's original location which was in 25 feet of water over white sand making it look like it was along a beach but there are no beaches for miles. Tiger Beach has been defined as an area because this are had established and named dive locations, such as "Anchor Chain" or "Fish Tales". The best specific Tiger Shark dive was moved about 1 mile west of the original location into deeper, 45 feet of water on a small reef site surrounded by white sand called "Fish Tales". This location was chosen for better visibility, back ground reef and slightly deeper water that seemed to calm the Tiger Sharks.

Tiger Beach has become the worlds best area to dive with Tiger Shark plus Lemons, Reef, Nurse shark and sometimes Bulls and Great Hammerheads.

Captain Scott Smith of the Dolphin Dream started diving the western edge of the Little Bahama Bank in 1980. As he traveled to different sites and looked for Spotted dolphin he would see Tiger Sharks in the shallow clear waters of the bank. After fishing for dinner he would tie the fish carcasses off the back of the boat at night and the Tiger Sharks would come up for an easy meal. In the mid 1990s he would use this method to entice the Tiger Sharks to come in close while professional film crews and photographers took pictures.